couples therapy


In this form of therapy, Dr. Caroline Böttiger and Andreas Weller accompany couples in challenging situations. The goal is a loving encounter and communication in the partnership, in which both can work together on the challenges in a solution-oriented way and grow.



After the initial period of falling in love and butterflies in your stomach, sooner or later a new phase in a relationship comes: you start to feel more familiar and secure with the other person.



However, during this period of relaxation, things also start to emerge that disturb and trigger you. This is because both partners bring their own burdens from the past, such as imprints, beliefs, projections and possibly traumas. And all these things have something in common: we are only aware of them to a certain extent, if at all, and ultimately they all want to be seen and loved. That's why they surface so strongly, especially with the people we love the most.


However, if we are not aware of this dynamic of old patterns, we don't notice how we project them more and more onto our partner or ourselves. She or he is increasingly the cause of the misery and the pain becomes entrenched over time. Over time, all it takes is a few trigger remarks and the house is in a mess.


But that doesn't have to be the case!



Couples therapy is about strengthening the couple's ability to love, breaking out of the drama spiral and finding new paths together. An important step is to learn a new form of communication in which all the trigger points and hurts on both sides can be expressed and brought into contact - and above all can be listened to and looked at again with love and compassion, without judgment.


If this is successful, connection, trust, love and all the beautiful things that make you want to be with this person come almost automatically.


Love heals everything!

couples therapy 2:2

Dr. Caroline Böttiger and Andreas Weller have been offering couples therapy together since 2023 in order to respond to both partners in the best possible way. The therapist duo are in a relationship themselves and bring their knowledge and skills about communication and awareness in relationships to every session.

With two therapists, each side has a reference person at their side and is individually supported in their joint and individual process.


In addition, 2:2 therapy is much more intensive and effective because the complex couple dynamics can be better recognized and worked out during the work.



Dr. Caroline Böttiger and Andreas Weller combine a variety of different methods to address your individual needs as a couple. 

The following models and methods are used, among others:


  • Good couple communication is the basis of a relationship
  • Man-woman dynamics
  • Recognizing and understanding conflict behavior (attack, flight, avoidance)
  • Learning to deal with triggers
  • Recognizing and resolving projections
  • Learning to communicate expectations and needs - wishes
  • Inner child work
  • Energetic healing work
  • Hypnosis


The session begins with a joint discussion about problems, patterns and dynamics. Communication about emotions and needs is a particularly important aspect, especially if one or both partners are triggered. The therapist couple will support you in facing and overcoming difficult issues. 

During couples therapy, the experts will support you with the following topics, among others:

  • Situations & patterns of conflict
  • Jealousy
  • cheating
  • Co-dependencies
  • Arguments & reproaches
  • Money issues
  • Sexuality
  • Family constellations & entanglements
  • Projections

The aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to resolve your issues on your own in the long term and return to a harmonious and conscious relationship with mutual understanding in everyday life.  Couples therapy can lay the foundation for your future path to a harmonious and loving relationship.