Accompanying people on their path to balance, harmony, joy, love, power and creativity is a matter of my heart. Here, some clients share their experiences of how Andreas Weller's therapeutic work has helped them.

Energetic Therapy


 "Andreas is a mystery. Silent presence, loving attentiveness, clarity. My blockage in my lower back disappeared after one treatment and I have been pain-free ever since. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"



"During my family constellation, Andreas uncovered my core problem for the first time, which I have unconsciously carried with me since birth, and resolved it in his shamanic, attentive and loving way. Since then, I have felt liberated from my unsolvable problems and feel a renewed zest for life and, above all, lightness. I am excited to see what and who comes into my life."



"Andreas Weller was recommended to me by my sister, who strangely enough had very similar complaints shortly beforehand to the ones that were now keeping me awake at night. Andreas' calm manner was also very pleasant online, so I was able to open up and confide in him straight away. He recognised a problem that I wouldn't have given any relevance to myself and guided me through a visualisation that was at times beautiful and at others quite exhausting. Afterwards, not only had the annoying tingling in my hands completely disappeared, but the ‘problem’ had also developed into a new, completely different relationship."



"A big thank you again to you and your work. I really appreciate it. I am still reflecting and trying to implement what I have learnt from you, reflect on many things and continue to grow. Thank you for you! I go through the day feeling more powerful and haven't really realised everything that happened during our seminar weekend. It's definitely a good feeling."



"I arrived at the seminar hotel at lunchtime tired, totally tense and with stomach pains. I went home full of energy and with lots of new ideas in my head without any pain or tension. At the beginning of the seminar, Andreas immediately realised that I was completely crooked and my neck was completely tense. This problem was soon resolved with targeted exercises and my stomach suddenly felt much looser again. As the seminar progressed, the cause of these painful physical symptoms became clearer and clearer and I realised very clearly what decision in my life I had to make. It wasn't easy for me, but now I feel much freer and I can see from the outside that everything is flowing better again. Which is why I would like to thank you once again, dear Andreas!"


Retreats with Andreas Weller

Andreas Weller is an international seminar leader for consciousness development (seminar website is currently being revised). In this video, participants share their experiences (German).