Energetic THerapy


Back to holistic balance and your own creative power: Energetic therapy is about detecting blockages on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, to dissolve them, to reconnect with one's soul and to bring back one's full power and love. The root causes for such blocakges is often stressful, overwhealming, or even traumatic experiences, which are, when not fully prcoessed, "frozen" in the body or the belive system. This can create an imbalance in the human beeing that can have long-term effects on various levels and can severely impair quality of life and creative power.
This is where energetic therapy and transfomational coaching comes in: With a variety of methods and his many years of experience, Andreas Weller helps you to gently and carefully track down the triggers of the blockage and dissolve them. When the underlying pain is allowed to heal, your energy returns and lifeforce flows freely again. Your immanent strength and balance return and with it your clarity about who you are and what your life purpose is.

About Andreas weller

Andreas Weller knows a lot about energy - both scientifically and as a healer and spiritual teacher. The qualified mechanical engineer has spent many years leading the development of energy storage systems. He has also been working as a healer and spiritual teacher for over a decade and has now fully dedicated himself to this vocation. Among other things, he completed training with Mantak Chia in energetic healing and has been teaching seminars on the subject of consciousness development in Europe since 2016. In the course of his work, he has developed his own mix of methods to support people on their path in the best and most personalised way.

Take a look at the testimonials from people who have already been helped by Andreas Weller's work.

How does energetic Therapy work?

Energetic therapy organises the healing process on a subtle, spiritual level. When the energy can flow freely again, emoational and physical complaints caused by this imbalance can be resolved.

Would you like to find out more? You can find more information at "Methods & Treatment".

For whom is energetic therapy?

Do you have physical or emotional complaints, have you seen many doctors and therapists and so far nothing has really helped? Do you struggle with relationships and find yourself in recurring patterns rather than having full ownership of your life? Then it could be that the cause of your suffering lies on an energetic level.

This is a list of typical topics and symptoms which can be treated with energetic therapy:

  • Problems with self-acceptance, self-love or self-worth
  • Relationship conflicts (e.g. with parents, partners, children or colleagues)
  • Psychosomatic complaints
  • Energetic blockages (e.g. loss of energy, circling thoughts, physical pain)
  • "Negative" emotions or thoughts

If this resonates with you, please arrange a short initial consultation free of charge.  You can discuss with Andreas Weller what a possible healing process might look like. An openness to emotional and subtle processes is helpful for the therapy.

Click here for testimonials from people who have already been helped by Andreas Weller's work.


60 min: 120,- €

90 min: 180,- €


 A session can take place on site at the practice or online via Zoom - whichever is best for you.
Billing takes place at the end of the month.

Andreas Weller also offers a short initial consultation free of charge to answer any questions you may have.

Important notes

Andreas Weller works in his practice in part according to the spiritual healing principle and is legally obliged to draw your attention to the following:

"Spiritual healing serves to activate self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner."

When the term "healing" is used on these pages, it refers to the activation of self-healing powers and not - as in medicine - the curing of illnesses. Since the activation of the self-healing powers can have very different effects on each person, no promises of healing or success are made by anyone for the procedures mentioned.  All information is without guarantee and non-binding. We are not liable for any disadvantages or damages resulting from the statements made. The advice given is no substitute for an examination or the care of an alternative practitioner or doctor.