Methods of energetic therapy

During energetic therapy, Andreas Weller creates a trusting framework to release energetic blockages holistically. Important keys here are presence and loving, gentle support in dialogue. There is often a stressful emotion underneath a blockage - and this needs to be looked at and resolved. In the course of energetic therapy, the energy body is ‘reprogrammed’ so that you can also release stuck emotions and blockages and return to your own healing power.

Andreas Weller combines methods from different forms of therapy for energetic healing work:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Medial constellations
  • Systemic family therapy
  • Energetic healing work
  • Talk therapy
  • Releasing emotional blockages
  • Soul connection
  • Regression
  • Release of attachments and external energies
  • Chakra balancing

Andreas Weller applies the methods individually according to need - not every method is used in every treatment.

Important note: Spiritual healing serves to activate self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

How does treatment work?

  • At the beginning of the session, Andreas Weller first talks to you about your challenge and identifies possible causes of the challenge.

  • Depending on the challenge, he will choose a mix of methods for you to gently and effectively resolve the blockage.

  • The methods include classic energetic treatment, visualisations, the dissolution of projections and talk therapy (see list of methods).

  • Energetic treatment is carried out sitting, standing or lying down, depending on the issue and how you feel comfortable with it. Energetic therapy can be carried out by laying on hands or by an energy flow with a distance between hands and body (as is the case with Reiki, for example).

  • Tracing the blockage usually leads to a release of the pent-up emotions. Through the loving and gentle presence of the therapist, comfort and safety is experienced so that the old experience can be emotionally closed and the blockage released.

  • By removing the negative experience from the energy body, the energy can flow freely again. This creates a space of freedom for new experiences in love and creativity, without any old repetitions.

What issues does energetic therapy help with?

Especially if you have already been on an odyssey of visits to the doctor and nothing has really helped you, the cause of your suffering could lie on an energetic or emotional level.  In most cases, the energetic blockages are related to stressful experiences from the past. If experiences could not be emotionally resolved, they ‘freeze’ in the body and can lead to serious imbalances on an emotional and physical level.  The aim of energetic therapy is the healing resolution of these stuck emotions - so that you can be free to live a life of love, self-responsibility and well-being.


Typical issues and complaints that are treated with energetic therapy are

  • Problems with self-acceptance, self-love and self-worth
  • Relationship conflicts (e.g. with parents, partners, colleagues)
  • Psychosomatic complaints
  • Energetic blockages (e.g. loss of energy, circling thoughts)
  •  ‘Negative’ emotions

If you are not sure whether Energetic Therapy can help with your complaints, please arrange a free brief consultation with Andreas Weller. 

Important note: Spiritual healing serves to activate self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.

Energy equalisation

60 min: 120,- €
90 min: 180,- €

A session can take place in the practice on site or online via Zoom - whichever is best for you.
Billing takes place at the end of the month.

Andreas Weller also offers a short initial consultation free of charge to answer your questions.

Important information

Andreas Weller works in his practice in part according to the spiritual healing principle and is legally obliged to draw your attention to the following:

‘Spiritual healing serves to activate self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner.’

When the term ‘healing’ is used on these pages, it refers to the activation of self-healing powers and not - as in medicine - the curing of illnesses. Since the activation of the self-healing powers can have very different effects on each person, no promises of healing or success are made by anyone for the procedures mentioned.  All information is without guarantee and non-binding. We are not liable for any disadvantages or damages resulting from the statements made. The advice given is no substitute for an examination or the care of an alternative practitioner or doctor.